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Good sportsmanship

Shaking Hands

Eye Contact

Listening Skills

Respect for the elderly

Church Etiquette

Personal Space

Navigating Place Settings

"Good manners will always be relevant"

These one-day or half day seminar led by Glen will lead your children and young adults into the adventures of etiquette through the use of role playing, props, skits and other  interactive learning techniques.  Each student will leave with a level of confidence that  will help them adapt, even in the most uncomfortable environment.  Upon completion of the course they will receive certificate and etiquette notebook for future reference.  

Taylor'd and structured to fit specific age groups, we cover all things etiquette!   See below for a list of additional topics covered.   Click here to contact us page for more information.

Teens/Young Adults

Tough Conversation

Conflict Resolutions

Gracious Host


Giving and Receiving Feedback